Country of Contrasts

I have been in Thailand for almost a week and I have encountered a wide array of scenery, people and traditions.  The first few days of my trip were spent in Bangkok, Capital City of Thailand.  There are over 10 million people who live in Bangkok.  The City never sleeps. It’s exciting and there are people everywhere doing everything at all hours of the day and night.  I visited Thammasat University and listened to a lecture on the Silent History of Thailand. The students were very modern with their cell phones and denim skinny jeans.  Later in the week I flew to Chiang Mai and then rode to Chiang Dao.  Although I wouldn’t say Chiang Dao is exactly opposite of Bangkok, it was definitely different in many ways.  The part of Chiang Dao I spent time in was the Makhampon Art Space.  It is in a very rural part of Thailand with rice fields all around. There are also  mountains in the distance.   It is very beautiful, peaceful and quiet.  A very big contrast to the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.  One thing that remained the same in every place I visited was the friendliness and kindness of the people.  I see advertisements everywhere that say “Thai Smile” and they do!

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