Manila to D.C. – 27 Hours++ and 8,667.65 mi (13,949.23 km)++ Later


A few days left before the YSEALI-ICMA Spring Professional Fellowship Program. And here I am, not yet packed, I’m still rushing to finish off reports and other outputs before I leave the paperwork behind or else bring them with me for an extra baggage or two. But I just had to make this quick map of the journey ahead. The trip would take approximately 27 hours which includes the lay-overs in the airport (I hope these airports would have adequate wi-fi and charging stations, and FOOD!! 😛 ) and a distance traveled roughly 14,000 km or 9,000 miles for our American friends reading this.

What to do while in transit? Sleep? Eat? Read the briefs? Read a book? Movie marathons? Meditate? Maybe I’ll do a combination of all these things and more. 27 hours inside a pressurized cabin, and sterilized airports could take a toll on one’s body. I should also do some on-site field exercises for stretching to ensure that I would still have the same posture as I did, before entering my Delta airlines’ flight from Manila.

To other long haul travelers from South East Asia, what have you done to prepare for the long journey ahead?

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