4,3,2,1 .. . . , YSEALI Here I come-

Tik . . .tik . . tik . . . with every second that now passes, I find myself breathing just a little harder, my heart beating just a little faster perhaps because it seems like I have a list of chores to clear ] perhaps comparable to that of poor Cinderella on the night of the ball only difference being I have no friendly house pets to aid]. On the flip side, it could be the looming inevitable, the birth of tomorrow, the 24th of April and the intrigue and promise it beholds.

FOUR years ago on the very same date, 24th of April 2014 I pranced into a career in conservation and I believe there is no looking back. 4 hours from now, there will also be no looking back as I will depart from my base to embrace yet another journey, the YSEALI journey.


THREE is the number of flights which now stand between me, and That which awaits. – it never ceases to amuse and amaze me how easily one could literally step back to Yesterday after having entered Today when flying to the West. [ Of course even this delight is temporary for karma dictates that what you take you must give]


Two is the number of transits and new airports I will be setting foot on for this leg of the travel- Tokyo, and Chicago. I absolutely love airports as it feels like that is your first acquaintance with a new land. I can almost swear that by now, with respect to countries I have frequented a couple of times, I could identify the country I am in by the aroma/ smell which greets me upon disembarking from the aircraft.


ONE is the Goal; namely that of YSEALI, which has centred itself in this sub – system and has individuals gravitating towards it and along the way providing a canvas for aspiring stars, opportunities for Big Bang [ as stars collide] and much more.


Well, it’s been a pretty hectic past 6 weeks and I am not expecting anything less in the next 6 weeks to come but all I have left to say, are words from a saintly figure who left the physical world several years this day, words which inspire me no matter what day, so if I may-

Life is a challenge, meet it,

Life is a game, play it,

Life is a dream, realise it,

Life is Love, Enjoy living it-


Spring Cohort 2018 YSEALI- Here I come-


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