A Busy Week: Preparing for YSEALI

April is a busy month for me. On the first and second weeks, I went to the Padang City to conducted my research about earthquake and tsunami potency in Padang coastal area. The topic was slightly similar with my community project on Yseali program. The difference was only in the type of disaster. My community project is about flood in costal city. I just had eight days left to preparing Yseali program before the departure.

First day, I finished my work on my office. After the field research, all researches had to make an administrative report to the financial officer. I finished it just one day, yeay!! Second day, I read and made a to do list for what I needed to buy and to brought to Yseali program. Then, I made a letter of permission to my big boss. This was very important letter because I would leave office for five weeks. If she did not want to sign the letter, I would not go to Yseali Program. However, she signed it, hurray!! Third day, I went to hunt some souvenirs to my host community and others fellows. I asked suggestion to my host in my country what items that I could give to them. Thank you very much for your suggestions :))

Fourth day, I bought my things that I would need during my fellowship program. I bought my personal medicine, formal and traditional clothes. I also print my business card. Fifth day, I check “my to do list”. If there were still items that have not been purchased, I would buy them today. Sixth and seventh days were a weekends so I just spent my time for me and for my family. Today is a packing time!! I just have less 24 hours left to pack my things. Hoping, that will be a very pleasant journey….

See you soon fellas!!….

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