Day 0 pre-YSEALI Jitters

It’s been some jittery, anxious, exciting, fearful, anticipatory weeks leading up to this day before I fly off for the YSEALI Professional Fellows Spring program with ICMA and the US Embassy!

April was a busy one with quite a number of speaking gigs at schools and the Asian Dive Expo in Singapore where I got to meet many wonderful people doing wonderful work with sharks, the likes of Elliot Riley, Benjamin Kahn, Andy Cornish and Andrew Chin.

It was an honour to get to attend a shark tagging workshop with Andrew Chin of Shark-Search Indo-Pacific too, and gain great insight into the hard work and tools that go into shark tagging of live sharks off boats in Australia.


Doing the pre-YSEALI leadership online course with Deidre Combs really helped to put things in perspective again for me about what being a leader is about and I filled up with the leadership framework sheet with a lot more purpose.

As Day 0 of the program approaches and I lose sleep over the anxiety and excitement, I hope to stay focused on the goal and the community challenge.

Learn much from marine conservation policy makers in the ASEAN region and Broward County posting.

Gain scientific and field knowledge on sharks and rays as well as the oceans, from shark scientists and how to incorporate data science into conservation policies and legislations.

Learn ways to add value to the marine ecotourism work I do in The Dorsal Effect, as well as learning about methods and best practices for organised and effective market surveys on sharks and rays.

Learn more about marine protected areas and how to put together the work to get one up.

Give back as much as I can, by volunteering with the Broward County Animal Shelter on weekends.

Let’s go!

Written by: Kathy Xu, Singapore, The Dorsal Effect

23 April 2018


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