The Big Journey

Here I am, having a mixed feeling for the big journey – 5 weeks fellowship in The States.  A little bit anxious, excited, worried, and happy for what to come. Anxious for the different the culture, flight and US custom. Excited for the experience that I would get and later on share it to our colleague and communities. I’ve had Skype call with my host community 2 weeks ago. I met Courtney, Jennifer, and Karen and having a great discussion. Courtney, even offers a rice cooker for us and that’s really comforting. Getting the ICMA booklets and fellows bio excites me, in particular fellow from my home countries, which comes from different institutions. I am hoping, after the fellowship end, we could continue to communicate and (if possible) work on a program together. So see you soon (tomorrow), Fina and Hadi!!

I am anxious about these coffee, hopefully the custom let them in so that I could share it with my host community and you



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