Mixed feeling, good feeling

It has been a hectic week for me since I have to finish all the work of the month before I could leave for YSEALI. I actually feel like I need a day off at home to rest, but ironically when the day comes (today is the start day of a national festival in Vietnam, Hung King’s festival), I am leaving ^^



Pity? Yes, but I am here at Incheon Airport, writing my first blog in a while and waiting for YSEALI fellows to arrive. So eager to meet them in person.

We will have an orientation in DC, which is, I know, very well prepared already. Oh, I wonder if we could have some time to visit the Pentagon? the schedule seems tight and I don’t want to miss a thing though. Then I can work on my project with Marie and Stacy, the two lovely and so friendly hosts in Cedar Hill. I can’t wait to learn from them.

So many things await. Let us enjoy every steps we go in the US then!


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