What is in my thought before arriving the U.S

Sa wad dee ka,

Now, I am at the airport waiting for the longest flight in my life to go to the U.S, there are a lot of feelings for the new journey, anxious, excited and glad to be a part of this YSEALI Environmental Sustainability Professional Fellows Program. I would like to thank ICMA in my first blog to offer me the opportunity to learn and experience many new things in the U.S.

My education background is environmental engineering, it is almost 13 years  about studying and working on this field. Many years, I studies how to deal with or treat the wastes especially contaminated wastewater and soil, the waste management and waste to energy. There are a lot of academic concepts about it. I really enjoy and love to learn until I think that is the most of environmental concerns and I focus on it.

But, this program reminds me to think about what are about environment in another aspects. This program pursues me to think about the environmental sustainability in the narrow aspect in my community. My hometown is growing faster to be more urbanize. The green areas have changed to the grey areas (concrete buildings).  So, it is challenging myself to apply and balance the green environment and urbanization together. There are all interesting upcoming for me to learn from the program and also other fellows 🙂

I believe that this journey will not only change myself but also my community more or less.

So, thanks in advance may be not too much 🙂


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