Zero Waste YSEALI Experience in US? We will see!

I am now in a Zero Waste Show House that is presented by Zero Waste Malaysia. This is how I am going to spend my last weekend before departing to YSEALI Professional Fellowship next Tuesday, busy yet exciting.


A long to-do list is waiting for me to cross out one by one, I doubt if I have time to finish all of them but I will try my best not to bring any job over there. I hope I can land there like a new student, ready to learn everything I can.


I am really looking forward to meet with my host community, City of Eugene. Many people have told me that Eugene is one of the most beautiful towns in US, surrounded by nature and mountains. I can’t wait to hike one or two trails during the weekend, probably to visit famous west coast beach area to test how cold the sea water there is!


Stephanie and Clinton are so helpful, they have arranged a series of activities and site visits for us during our 4 weeks stay in Eugene. I am also excited to know that we will be sent to Portland for a 6 days tour, still not sure what is going to happen there but I am sure it must be something important and helpful to my work.


They collect food scraps at San Francisco Airport, that is impressive!

Also, personally I am practising zero waste lifestyle, hence it would be challenging for me to live in overseas for such a long time. I will buy food without packaging from local farmers market and shops, I will compost my food scraps and I will definitely visit thrift store if I need to get anything! Although it is challenging but I am not worried at all, my helpful host Stephanie and Clinton has provided me a lot of information that is useful for me to continue my Zero Waste lifestyle in Eugene!


For professional level, as a newly founded NGO in Malaysia, Zero Waste Malalysia faces a lot of challenges at this stage. To better develop it efficiently, I take this opportunity to learn everything about NGO management and leadership.There is strong sustainability awareness in the community, I even found out that there is actually a Zero Waste Program in University of Oregon that started since 1992! That is amazing!



I have written a list of goals for this 6 weeks journey, including exploring sustainable communities in Eugene, visiting recycling and composting site, taking a course or two about NGO management, joining workshop and conference to know more about sustainable living in US, also hopefully I get a chance to share my experience with local Zero Waste Community.


Last but not least, this is my first time visiting US, I can’t wait to experience the whole new culture and to meet with the people who have been helping me in the past few months!

(This blog was written on 20th April but I only get the chance to publish it on 25th April and I am now already started my first day Washington, can’t believe it!)



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