First thing to do after landing!

Personally, I called my wife back home to say Hello and told her that I have arrived the U.S. with safe and sound after such a long trip from Cambodia with passengers more than 700 people on the board. She stays home alone with a 12 weeks pregnancy. She worries about me. And I worry about her.

“Keep connected with your beloved people.”

It sounds like I am too homey person. However, it is very important to keep your beloved one or your family posted on how well you are. Otherwise, they will wait impatiently to hear from you.

“It’s cost nothing to call home.”

It costs nothing, just 5 to 10 minutes of your time. Nowadays, it is very easy to keep connected with your beloved people. Calling home via mobile apps spend not a single cent of your credit. For me, I use hangout calling to my wife. Hangout has powerful chat history which linked with your Google Drive. And, it is easy for me to archive and retrieve my conversation history.

“Share them your moment.”

To be a part of ICMA Environmental Sustainability Professional Fellowship program took a great effort and energy not only from us personally, but from all of our family members as supporting and pushing powers in achieving this goal. Let’s share them our bright moments through social media showing our achievements, results during these exciting 5 weeks program.

The most important thing, make your beloved people proud of you for successfully complete the program.

Today is the first day of our big and powerful journey and I wish everyone “Samnang Laor” (Good Luck in Khmer language).


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