Life is a lot of surprises and good luck. I have received an excellent chance to make the American dream come true. I had accepted an offer from a YSEALI – ICMA and went to the United States with being a part of the 2018 Spring Professional Fellow Program. It is Happier and happier because this gift came just after my wedding day.
I thank you all for your giving. I know that it will be difficult at starting point. However, I will try my best to experience this environmentally friendly during the busy time of scholarship program.
Sad to be away from my dear husband, my home; but it is so amazing and more comfortable when I can connect with people through video calling. I am happy that people still love and care for me wherever I am. Love you and miss you.
A long flight and fatigue, and time difference make it hard for me to get the best power. But all is over, and today, I start the day with a full breakfast at the hotel and write my first impression. Spring air is flooded in Washington DC then why not let the gloomy tired and anxious of the winter in passing.
Be comfortable. Let’s start SPRING CHALLENGES of life!!


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