The first is often difficult

This is officially my first blogging experience. I have always wanted to do it but somehow seemed to shy away; perhaps afraid to be judged along with many other excuses. The past couple of years involving in the field of making changes however, makes me realize the importance of media and communication. To move masses require good story telling skills and I would like to turn this requirement into opportunity to initiate new routines that can help improve my skills and letting go off the fear that prevent me from starting something new.

I am writing this as I am flying to the United States – I really dread the long flight and the packing. It has been almost 10 years since I last visited United States through an academic exchange program at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hills. Reflecting back, that time was quite a culture shock for me. I could feel myself growing from the experience. I remember I had to keep my eyes open, be more independent, proactive and getting out of comfort zone. I remember I would have spaghetti with ready-made tomato sauce for weeks because it was cheap it was like an option comparable to that of instant noodles for Thais and I was trying to be frugal as the standard of living was quite high compared to that of Thailand.

This time. it will be the first visit for me to Washington DC and Oregon though. I am trying not to have expectations but preparing and welcoming whatever experience that come. I like the motto that said “expect for the worst, hope for the best”. In that way one can be prepared mentally and emotionally.

The preparation to take off had been a struggle and stressful time for me like many others I have countered and checked on their blogs (hehe). From clearing up and delegating work, since I will be away for a good five weeks, to preparation for the fellowship itself. It had been hectic weeks; I barely had time to rest properly I thought my body was about to give up; yes I do have the tendency to be dramatic.

On this journey I am determined, inspired by my fellow mate, Fong Yun Tin to be a little less wasteful to moving a little closer to deserve the title of running an organization that is dealing with waste management….let’s see how this journey will continue.

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