Dream Came True to Study in U.S

As I am Agriculturist  from Myanmar, I dream one day I have to study agricultural techniques to be sustainable production from U.S but also its culture . My dream came true since I had been selected  as a Fellow for Environment Sustainability by ICMA.

Now I am on fifth day in U.S. During the day, I met 19 Fellow from ASIAN and resource persons from APA, FLT and NOAA in two-day orientation meeting at Washington D.C. It was a great and valuable opportunity for me to learn about different aspects from different areas of people to build our mother earth to be sustainable.

In my free time at Washington D.C, I toured to Capitol, China Town, Congress of Libary, Washington  Monument, White house and Licon Memories. It implicated me to know how American people were smart and brave. By observing these, I was encouraged me to lead my community in my country to bring together to build better future and sustainability.

At present, I am at my host, Dabuque City, and excited and ready to study about its sustainable and to meet local people to exchange community challenges for four weeks.

Studying will not stop never and ever to fulfill my dream!


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