Let’s go to Northampton, MA

My host community is the city of Northampton, Massachusetts. I stay here with Jean, my lovely co-fellow.  Our first day was the first time we met Wayne. He is a Director Planning & Sustainability in the City of Northampton. He showed us the overall information of this city, nice !!!

My first impression about this city was … this is a small city with the bike trials, walking paths and shared spaces. Many architectures are New England Style, let’s see the pictures then.

The walking path along the road, feel safely.
You are priority if you want to go to Ted’s Boot Shop.
The trial from North to East, such a long trail
PULASKI PARK, how’s about your first date here 🙂
This is the most coolest ladder, it is not only for people but for bicycles also.  . . On your right

My first day brought me back to my thought about the community challenge project, how can we make our community better and I am still thinking ..

Now, we are in Manchester, New Hampshire attending the 2018 LOCAL SOLUTIONS: Eastern Climate Preparedness Conference. I will let you know with further updates 😉



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