After I Arrived…..

I arrived at Washington DC after more or less 24 hours flight. I was really exhausted but very nice experienced. This is my first time come to U.S, I am so excited. I spent three days at Washington D.C with others fellows from other South East Asia Countries. In my opinion, Washington D.C is a livable city and beautiful. It has very large sidewalk and good public transportation. We tried Metro to go to White House and other places. It was easy and cheap price.

20180427_172124[1] When I was there, it was cherry blossom and Tulip season. I was very beautiful this is my first time saw cherry blossom and Tulip before. I always thought that I will see cherry blossom at Japan and Tulip at The Netherlands but Tadaaa!! I saw at Washington D.C.


We all have a great time in there. We visited White House, Capitol, Washington Monument, World War II Monument, Lincoln Monument and Smithsonian Museums. All of that places are free. We also had seminar with great speakers at ICMA office. Then, after all of done, we were all spread out to different states in America. I went to the Harris County, Texas. I work at Harris County Public Health. I do project regarding community resilience and flood issues.


It is so much fun. I meet very nice, welcoming and helpful people in here.

I will tell my experiences in my next blog…

See ya 🙂



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