Cedar Hill… Great to be with you!!

Day by day it is my excellent experiences by starting to be an officer in Government office and more than it is a firefighter. I have never gotten all that in my life. So excited and be more adorable when I get more knowleadge about the growing green activites in Cedar Hill. Yeb, GROW NATURALLY is Cedar Hill slogan. Each place I have been, each one I have met, all you give me a great thing which is relative to my object bringing during this trip – Environment sustainability. Let’s see my things in someday as below adorable photos.

We are here – Cedar Hill, Texas!
Cedar Hill team! ^^











and be firefighter …

Activities of Environmental Sustainability – Growing GREEN – Growing NATURALLY!! 


  • Dogwood Canyon – naturally place for birds conservation
  • Hillside Village with free solar charging station, green environment and environmental benefits as green shopping place.



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