Combined Passion & Inspiration:

The 2 days orientations hosted by Tony and Kara were of upmost importance to get us prepared for the host community. Thanks Tony, Kara and ICMA! The ice breaker and orientation shapes us and allow us to express our common goals towards environmental sustainability. Not only do we improve our thoughts on our existing community challenge, dear fellows also inspire us to engage to the community and also contemplating on initiating a NGOs (if it never come across your mind!). It’s fascinating how we were easily influenced by our fellow, a shout-out to “Zero Waste Malaysia”, Aurora Tin ( simply because we hope for a sustainable environment. Curious on how she impact us? The days in Washington DC we began to adapt towards her philosophy by order wisely and share among fellows due to the “double” american portion while in a restaurant and clean our plate sparkly clean. How neat!                                                                                                                                                                                             Quote for thoughts “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader” by John Quincy Adams.


Dubuque, Iowa: Masterpiece on the Mississippi  

Here we are touching down at Dubuque, Iowa! Warm welcome from the community who shows so much passion for their community. We begin with an overview and tour of Dubuque sandwich with meetings after meetings from various departmental heads in the city council. Who gets to meet the Mayor and City Manager on a day to day basis? (Hands up with big smile on the face!). It may sound unbelievable, attending the city council worksession meetings and departmental heads meeting does excites me. It also gives us a clear overview of their governance and the various on-going projects in the city. Meetings may sound uncool to certain fellows but in fact that’s where “magic happens or dreams get started”.

Learning Notes – Principles to share with dear fellows                                                               

  1. Plan your work and work your plan (driven by engagement and data that focuses on outcomes)
  2. Input oriented
  3. Problem solvers
  4. Develop partnerships
  5. Act with a sense of urgency

(retrieved from Dubuque City Manager’s Philosophy)

More fun updates in the next blog! Stay tune!

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