Harris County….here, I am

One thing that I love in Harris County is the weather. The weather is similar with my city in Indonesia, it is warm. I can not stand with the cold weather that’s why I caught a flu when I was in Washington D.C. Before I arrived, I always wonder what the different between County and City. After, I had explanation from my host community, County is consist of cities, it is similar with agglomeration. However, between County and City have different government system and different leader. The leader in the County is County Judge and for the City is City Mayor. In Indonesia, we have similar agglomeration but there is no a leader. We just have the agglomeration institution but the task is just for coordination.

I invited to follow meetings. The first meeting that I have is on Tuesday in Red Cross Building. The meeting is about “Public Health Emergency Preparedness Collaboration (PHP-C) Agenda”. In that meeting, all of County Health Department will discuss, talk and share the issues about disaster preparedness.


I am not just working in here but also having fun. I went to the downtown to follow grassroots meeting about climate change city plan. After that, we went to dinner. We ate Mexican Food. This was my first time, I ate Mexican Food. I love the taste. The taste  was new for me. There were rice, peanut sauce, tomatoes, vegetables tortilla and special sauce. Inside tortilla, there were corn, paprika, and black beans and special brown sauce. In Indonesian food, we have peanut sauce otherwise in Mexican food, they have bean sauce. Awesome…


And for the lunch, we go to Italian food. I really love it. I order Salmon Grill and I love Crouton. Crouton is like small grilled bread and very tasty. I go there with my host communities.



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