Ashley, myself, Chris and Riska. We are team

On May 4, we had a great time on weekend with baseball game between KC Royal and Detroit at Kauffman Stadium. Kauffman Stadium was opened in 1973 as Royals stadium and it was named for Kauffman in 1993 which it is the name of Royals founder.  We had awesome guide as Ashley and Chris for closely explain us about game because it is the first time in baseball game.   During the game there are so many activities had been shown as Hot dog mascot running, Kiss Cam (Love it), fire work and etc.

Royals KC vs Detroit 

The game was going slowly so, snack is very necessary and beer was required for me as well but it is quite expensive. However, I had American craft beer as Radler since 1989 (My birth year) which its taste is like lemon juice. Yeah!! It is good but I prefer normal taste of beer.

Yummy Yummy

Oh!! Get back to the game. Normally there are nine innings (Round 1,2,3..)  of competition which no score until 7th  inning and Detroit goes ahead by 2 and 30 minutes later KC Royal batted 4 scores and become dead-beat victorious with score 4-2.

Little guys 

On May 5, busy weekend is going on which Jesse Kirk, Arborist of Mission Hills picked us to Lenexa Farmer’s Market (mostly organic food). There are varieties of products from local farmers such as wine, honey, butter, organic vegetable, meat, flower, tea and etc.

At Lenexa Farmer’s Market

Yeah I grabbed a HOLY-FIELD American Table Wine that is local white wine which vineyard is planted with Native American and French Hybrid varieties, with an emphasis place on growing superior grapes.

Varieties of flower and tree


After that we visited Lake Shawnee that it was constructed in 1935. Lake Shawnee offers the most surprising recreational opportunities around. More than 1 million users annually enjoy the beautiful and diversity of Lake Shawnee. Lake facilities include The Garden House, Reynolds Lodge, marina, tennis courts, sand volleyball court, water activities of every kind and etc.

Shawnee Mission Lake

Follow me down please !!

Yeah, He is Jesse Kirk (He is my movie star Paul Walker (look like)) 

After selfie!! we kept walking into deep jungle (Sound exciting right?). No !! Just kidding we walked into park and we found many people were doing their activities such as biking, jogging, horse riding, dog walking, kayak, sailing, fishing and etc.

Are you OK? Riska !!!
Stop at creek for refreshing 


WHAT’S GOING ON? NEXT………..YEAH, No Farm No Army.

After that, Jesse carried myself and Riska (Like chicken dropped into water) to BBQ restaurant for filling oil and gas  (No we are not machine) for having lunch and energy drink

BBQ one meat with cold salad (Beer is not mine) Oop !!

This is all of my weekend trip. Let’s see what’s going on next week !!!











































































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