Early Reflections

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I have embarked on this YSEALI journey and my oh my . . . what a bustling first 2 weeks I have had getting acquainted with the passionate bunch of YSEALIans, the ever accommodating ICMA facilitators, the majestic Capital, D.C. [ all be it through the lenses of my fellow YSEALIans for the most parts], the warm Broward County folk, Sunshine Florida, and of course my fellow Fellow, Kathy, who is ever so patient with me and also tirelessly [I think] keeps me in 1 piece [ Phew- Thanks Kathy].

Over the weekend I got a call from a good friend who had informed that she had stopped by my home back in Malaysia to check in on my folks since I am away. Unfortunately, she was not aware that my parents and sister are away on a holiday in Thailand with another close family member. After that casual call, I got to doing some reflecting. In participating in YSEALI, I had ultimately incurred an opportunity cost-

I have “knowingly” chosen professional and personal development and have in turn missed/ amongst t others my father’s birthday ]2nd May], my sisters birthday [7th May], a family trip to Thailand[ 3rd– 7 May] , and coincidentally will also be missing a program strategy review at work as well as the chance to cast my vote at the Malaysian 14th General Election scheduled for the 9th of May 2018.

But in the meantime, much is being gained. I am provided with an amazing opportunity to test, re-evaluate and examine the parameters of my notion of sustainability as I journey through the experiences of the various Broward County experts. To mirror the various thoughts which crowd my mind, at this juncture, in this post I wish to share such thoughts-

  1. Can development truly be sustainable?If indeed prevention is better than cure, how does this translate in terms of conservation action? The cost of significant coastal development in Broward County, Florida, a region which is vulnerable to sea level rise is sought to be mitigated via copious climate action plans, progressive land use policies which integrate climate change considerations, regulations as well as other initiatives by the Broward County Environmental Protection and Growth Management Departmenthttp://www.broward.org/NaturalResources/ClimateChange/Pages/default.aspx
  2. More of the Broward County climate initiatives can be viewed at:
  3. Aren’t humans possibly the single most invasive species???
  4. In the name of conservation, initiatives are in place to tackle the issue of invasive species [ non- native species which jeopardize local ecosystems]. But isn’t the increased presence of human activity in the natural environment significantly altering ecosystem functions and balance in addition being vectors for invasive species??

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