Forestry at Finest #100% Sustainable#

Spring Green Timber Growers, Earth Day’s 2015 Most Sustainable Small Business in WI is just 15 minutes’ drive from Spring Green, WI.  With about 300 acres of beautiful natural timbers where they only harvest trees those are dead or fell. The forest grows at its own pace, kinds and etc…  The forest takes care of itself as there is no new tree planted or added. They let the trees grow as long as they are healthy and strong which Jim Birkemeier adopted from Menominee tribe forest management style in the northern Wisconsin.

The harvested trees are milled in the property and dried in the three solar-cycle kilns. And then the wood is process in the 100 years old barn closed by. The types of tree range from walnut, cherry, maple, oak, ash, pine & basswood which are sent to the workshop in town. Ornaments and gifts are design and create with care and precision. They also produce and install flooring, furniture, and cabinetry too.

This is by far the most sustainable forestry management I have ever experience in my life so far.

P.S…There are animals and flowers around the farms like lots of Deer, many Snakes, all kinds of pretty birds, and the list go on along with so many wild flowers… “A small safari tour can be taken”

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