More than my exception to Learn

Before I came here, Dabuque, Iowa state of U.S I expected to learn for four weeks about the way of agricultural practices to be support to environment sustainable.

Firstly, I was feeling warmly like my home because  sweet and kind ladies Ma’am Phyllis welcomed me at Dabuque airport with U.S flag and her smile.

I have been spending my time a week in here for studying with my host. My host is very nice and developed agenda to cover all the things we need to explore all about sustainability.

My knowledge of environmental sustainability was broaden by studying different aspects and manners. I learnt about planning, water resource recovery, the way of governing, community garden, how to rescue the citizen, flood management, risk information system, water quality monitoring, transportation system, municipal works, and Mississippi river through not only meeting with Mayor, City Manager, Professors, Community, city council meeting, department head meeting  but also exploring the exiting succeed and ongoing project site. Moreover, I had also several chance to visit house of communities. It made me a sense to look at over view as a leader to create our community to be put it in a better place. Thus I can say that I learnt a lot of diverse aspects than my exception even in a week. I am exciting for the rest of three weeks. Thanks to ICMA and my host.

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