Sunny and Green Saturday in Lenexa and Shawnee

Last Saturday, I went to Lenexa farmer market and Shawnee Mission Park with our arborist. Yes, that arborist – Jesse Kirk. It took 30-45 minutes from our hotel to go to the Lenexa farmer market. Jesse told us that Lenexa has been changing a lot, new apartments/ housing and buildings is built along the way. We saw once a vast farm where they  have cattle, now is bare field where the workers busy build the foundation for new housing. Same things happens in our area, where what it used to be farm changes into industrial area.

Lenexa farmer market

We’re arrived quite early, where we easily found parking in the area. One row of stalls were found outside of the parking lot. They sold vegetables, cookies, meats or other any other agriculture product. Did I buy something? Definitely, a big yes. I just surrender to the temptation to buy these products. I bought yoghurt fermented cheeses, honey bee products (consists of: vapor rub, conveyed and burn cream; lip balm; soap; raspberry cream honey) which is all organic; elderberry extracts which is good to boost your immune system contains of high antioxidant, big choice chip cookies.

Farmer market products that I bought

Aside from the farmer’s stalls, there were Overland Park government staffs who distribute flyers of their rain garden cost-sharing program and others who give explanation to the visitor about native plants that they could use in the rain garden. The name for the program is Stormwater Treatment Cost-Share Application, where residents was able to get funds (around 50%) to establish their own rain garden. They said I’m a big spender. Yes, I’m not gonna deny any of it and because I want to support farmer or local business which not only growing local economy but also environmental conscious.

Native species that is used in rain garden

We spent about an hour in the market and then went to explore Shawnee Mission Park. This park is the widest park in Johnson county and purchased in 1956. Jesse told us, at that time they think that purchasing the 1,600 acre for park is a crazy thing to do. But now, the park is the most visited park in the county. The park is a multi-purpose park, where you can go boating, fishing, biking, trailing, camping, and take a lot of good picture. One of the prairie management that we found out is that they use controlled burning the manage native plants species; installed bird house for prairie bird. In addition, they also put information board for increase public awareness. If you have chance to visit the park, go trailing with your friends and dog(s) (and don’t forget to pick up the dog poop).



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