Best Heirloom of Dubuque: Masterpiece of Mississippi

Trio Around Tri-state of Iowa in 15 minutes: Dubuque, Wisconsin & Illinois                                            The very fun stuff that we did when we first arrived in Dubuque, Iowa was to get around the tri-state of Iowa (Dubuque, Wisconsin and Illinois) within 15 minutes. As expected being a true to self, a fellow Asian we took doubled the time because of the nearly never ending pictures we took. We had fun so far with the host community!

Three states in 30 minutes
Three States in 30 minutes (includes picture taking time!)



4th street lift
4th Street Elevator: Once upon for a banker

Historic 4th Street Elevator: Fanelon Place Elevator                       A historic place in Dubuque, claiming the shortest and steepest railway. Why this short and steep lift? We were told that the story behind this was that there once live a banker built this private lift so that he can go to work at the most convenient and shorter route. How interesting! Or this man must be either pretty wealthy and importantly busy! In addition, the observation deck at the elevator has a magnificent view of downtown Dubuque, Iowa, states of Wisconsin and Illnois.



Revive Dubuque: Heritage of Dubuque                                                                                                               Like any parts of the cities, heritage buildings act as a community asset of a city. This is the pride of Dubuque through reversing the damage and possibly abandoned buildings. Being said that, this also acts as a sustainable commitment to revive a “junkyard” or abandoned building into valuable community development.

bee branch.jpg


Working Flash Flood Program: Bee Branch Creek, Dubuque                                                                           Bee Branch Creek Restoration program is the transformation of a occasionally flooded creek and floodplain area into a community playground and recreation area with well-equipped trails, a habitat for fish, a community orchard (You bet! Pick a fruit from the community orchard). Ultimately, it’s a great place to hang out especially during the Spring and Summer time. I would consider this program ‘best of both’ for all season. During low rainfall season this area is a recreational area while during the storms with flash flood, the Bee Branch Creek will then carry the stormwater and allow flows into the Mississippi River and prevent flooding around the vicinity.

Weather fluctuates here. Today it’s 15 degree C less than yesterday! Pretty unpredictable! 🙂



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