Learning by observing

This week, we started our fellowship program with the workshop which was prepared by the City Hall of Northampton called “Resiliency Building Stakeholders Workshop”.

The workshop was set for 2 days. The first day began with …. many people with different stakeholders. They created and presented the hot issues in the topic features of infrastructure, environment and social. Each issue had to be involved in the awareness and preparedness in communities if something happen such as natural disaster, flood, drought and etc. So, what makes Northampton, Northampton? and how can we make sure that these aspects/issues are resilient? In my point of view, prevention is better than cure and it is not only for someone’s responsibility but also public’s responsibility.

The warm welcome from Wayne, the representative from the city core team.

The participation between different groups along wonderful discussions was so impressive. They were also considered about who owns these feature, which sectors? and plan it to the short, medium and long terms. The members were so active about showing up their opinions respectfully 🙂 It might be because of they are really care about their community and need it to be the comprehensive implementation. I like it a lot. These are what every community can follow and/or adapt the way they did to ours. We have to spend money wisely and make sure that it is practical and implementation.

The second day also started with the same workshop groups from the previous day. This day, the solutions emerged and grouped to the main functions. Then, reported out by each workshop group.

Some examples of idea solutions which I’d love to share (as much as I can catch it up :P)

  • Shelter assessment >> they concerned about the capacity of the shelters, enough? The solution might be pushing the schools to be shelters, having food security system, seeking for the alternative power sources such as solar energy (6% of households established on their own houses and city has plan to increase the percents) and do not forget the pets.
  • Connectivity to alternative transportation >> They offered the options of car pool or the PVTA (the transportation which is funded by federal, state and local governments and farebox and advertising revenues).
The yellow team’s board. What a nice plan !! PS. other teams also had their nice one.

Last but not lease, I believe that this kind of  motivation will lead community to be better. Moving ahead for the future !!

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