Educating people is a essential element for Environmental Sustainability

During my second week in here, Dubupue City, Iowa, my host gave me opportunities to explore about education program, multicultural center, humanity center, transportation system, community farming, river and aquatic museum, smarter Dubuque program, farmer market, school gardening, music class and water quality monitoring.

Among them I like to express two things what I like the most. One was how educate people since from primary to high school about environmental and ecology concept but also teach how to grow foods and food concepts. The different things what I realized that curriculum is more comprehensive, teaching method is student-centered, teaching material and equipment are more supportive and enough than our country. It was a good thing for me to study to teach our next younger generation to love our mother earth and to advise our government to revise our education system.

The second was a smarter Dubuque which is  a really smart mobile application software to be able to analyze and monitor how much citizens are using water and energy by hourly basis for a day but also by daily basis for a month, etc. Moreover, it is also able to find out how much water are leak from distribution pipes. It can also monitoring how much is the cost for collecting trash from the department of public work. These make people easy to find out way to save water, energy and money.

We should adopt these practices in our community to save our mother earth.

P.S>>>Home visit and dinner with host was so funny!


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