The “Equilibrium” – Practical Approach to Forestry Management

The trip to pacific west (Oregon Portland) was one of the most memorable trips I have ever had in term of Forest and Forestry Management. I had the privilege to explore four types of forest management systems in the area. I would like to share one which is just amazing.

Oregon State, the largest producer of Timber in the United State has some of the best timbers in the State and it also means operating some of the biggest mills in the world.  Peter and Pam Hayes from “Hyla Woods” has enlightened me with a total new idea of forest management which they practice in they own family forest farm.

They show us the most practical way of management forest which not only beneficial for economic profitability but also practical for ecosystems. They call the term “Equilibrium” approach to forestry management which blows my mind away.

The most amazing management I would like to share here are

  1. Focusing on having mix age and mix species in their trees.
  2. Focusing on the health of the ecosystems
  3. Focusing on making enough economic profits.

It does sound weird to be able to have a balance on all the above three principle, Peter and Pam seem to find a way to manage all the three of them with their unending willingness to sustain the forest to if fullness and a quality effort they put into managing it with experts in all areas.

They monitor their birds with the help of birds’ experts and water along with other ecosystems in a very systematic ways with the help of experts in each area.

Their systematic approach has been working and their forest process all kind of animals from Bear to birds and their trees age range from one to hundreds. This is the ideal heavenly kingdoms for animals and plants on earth.


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