Going forward: Sustainability for the rich, middle class and poor too!

Time flies! It’s already the end of third week through the program and it’s sad when we are constantly reminded that we will leave Dubuque next week. Well this also means that the relationship we made here merely becomes stronger.


Sustainable Community Garden: Feeding the Rich and Middle class

It’s nothing new, the rich and poor are commonly divided in many aspects. However, in the state of Iowa, being sustainable is not for the rich nor the middle class, it’s for everyone including the vulnerable too. Feeding the vulnerable with fresh produce and healthy foods is a touching move in this organisation to maintain a healthy well being. We visited several organisations that do similar ‘goodness’ that practices farm to plate organically.

Hydroponics at Dubuque Rescue Mission

Dubuque Rescue Mission

First, the ‘Dubuque Rescue Mission’ in an urban setting have a greenhouse, a garden with various medicinal herbs, colorful flower tree, fruit tree and compost area. So you can simply plant, plucked, treat, cook and serve for the needy.






Convivium Farmstead

Innit wonderful if you have extra money and being able to hire a full time operational farmer to overlook the operation of the farm. In convivium farmstead, they have worm compost, greenhouse, poultry farming, gardens (including their neighbourhooods’), kitchens for renting (for small medium scale enterprise), teaching kitchen and a coffee and sandwich bar.

They approached neighbors to use their unused turfs for vegetables farming for food, have common beds alongside bus stops to create a healthy and educate health and well being to bus riders. How neat?

Not only do they need to feed, the garden needs to look good to the eyes of the neighbourhood too! Hence, a combination of vegetable farming and landscaping gotta intertwine together well. A legit farm to plate to mindful example!

Meeting Scott at Grow Johnson County

How passionate can one be? Scott is a very passionate operational farmer who manages the farm to ensure nutritious food to the vulnerable. To quote their mission is to “improve healthy food access again to vulnerable and empower new growers through charitable food production and also hands on farming education to new growers”. They grow, harvest and store their produce in a chiller/freezer. Food truck will then come to the farm on a daily basis to get good quality produce.

johnson county
Meet Scott!

So lets get our hands dirty to colourful plate!


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