Parks for the People

The National Parks Service and National Forest Service of the Department of Interior and Agriculture respectively is responsible for maintaining federal parks and forest areas for conservation and ecotourism purposes. Walking the trails of these parks from the city, state, and federal levels made me wonder how a similar system like the park and forest service would actually work in the Philippines. The USA National Park Service currently has 59 parks under its stewardship. While the Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources has as of 2013, 240 protected areas in the Philippines covering a total area of 54,500 square kilometres (21,000 sq mi) – 14.2% of the Philippines’ total area, 35 are classified as National Parks. Yet, we are to professionalize the ‘Bantay-Gubat’ our version of Forest and Park Rangers. So far this trip has emboldened to envision that the Filipino People deserve a professional park and forest service for recreational use and conservation purposes.


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