What I learn from here….

There are a lot of things that I learned from here. I learn how they dealt with disaster preparedness and disaster recovery. At least, once a years they do Casper research every year. The result of Casper research can be used for measuring people preparedness for disaster. They also have Incident Command System (ICS). This system build to make all officers who are in charges in disaster have same language to speak. For disaster recovery, they are still working on with mold. Mold will grow in houses after flooded.They also build reservoir to prevent flood getting worst. Addick Reservoir will be filled with water when heavy rain come. This reservoir is natural and green.

Addick Reservoir
Addick Reservoir

I learned about work culture in here and it is different in Indonesia. In here, people always talk and build communication with other co-workers to arrange or to solve the problems work. They also have integrated work system. They also maintain their stakeholders with meetings and making events. They talk each other with any kind of tools file color paper, flip chart etc

This city is very diverse and plural. We can see plethora ethnics in here. Most of them are Latino come from Mexico. We can see many restaurants from different places in here, but doing well. Sometime they also have events from specific ethnic such as “Univision Mother’s Day” from Mexican.




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