What I learnt during 3rd week in Dubuque

As we all know that all the fellows are in intensive study exchange program in their respective host place in U.S. No one can not denied we have learnt so many things about environmental sustainability.

In my third week in Dubuque, I learnt variety of sectors implemented by City of Dubuque and its partners. I have many stories to be share but only some of them will be posted in here.

I learnt new area about food inspection by visiting to new restaurant to explore on how food inspector’s job. In food security sector, if we talk about food security¬† not only availability of food is an important concern but also food accessibility is one of vital aspects and food safety as well.

I realized that kitchen is one of vital places where processing and cooking food to have a clean and safe dishes and foods for all publishes and costumers. Aside from food safety, the restaurant have a approval from city office through fire department, public health department, public work and building department.


In term of crop production, soil quality is a basic important requirement to obtain a better yield for any crop. I was glad for seeing the vast filed where was plating Alfalfa as a soil cover crop and also as a nitrogen fixing plant to improve soil quality.





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