Last week. Yes it’s our last week in Dubuque. As you may have guess, today is the last day in Dubuque, Iowa. It’s mindblowing that our placement has come to an end. Time flies so fast that I felt that we just arrived few days ago. It’s hard to say goodbye to Dubuque, especially when we get to meet so many new friends.

smart dubuqueDubuque being a ‘smarter sustainable city has brought so much to us. Enlighten us in many ways to explore further projects back home. This includes solar energy, restoring heritage site, restoration of abandoned factory, smart transportation, smart water, smart electricity, smart agriculture, composting, recycling , food bank, community garden, sustainable community/neighbourhood, all in light of being inclusive and equity in mind.  We had also gain a few publicity attention within the local press as well. Such a great honoured to be place in Dubuque.

Local Publicity in Dubuque

In search of  home grown produce in a reputable grocery store in Dubuque. As part of a sustainable agriculture initiatives, most of the home grown or locally made produce in the state of Iowa can be found in store. So, look for the “local produce” label and support local produce.

Farewell Parties. We have been making new friends every week with the people in Dubuque and visiting various homes. Dubuquers connect with complete genuinity showing true friends. Such a sweetheart….. A feeling of unbearable to leave for now. So long Dubuque!! Has been a great pleasure!

happy pics
Some of our friends from Dubuque

#IamDubuquers #missingdubuque


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