This is how we do it! Sophomores studying Local Administration at the University of Chang Mai

I was invited to speak to students studying local administration at the University of Chang Mai.   A class of sophomores is a class of sophomores in any country.   The students were eager, alert and they took me seriously despite my language barrier. My presentation covered the composition of the city of Dubuque’s local government with a tie in of how the decisions and practices affect the citizens in the day to day operations and services administered by city departments. Dr Jan Jongruck translated the conversation for us as needed and it was an awesome exchange of thoughts, ideas and views.

This is a class of leaders- future politicians, environmentalists, teachers, advocates, policy makers – world citizens. Their questions were so relevant to the issues that all branches of government are facing today throughout the world. They presented questions on poverty, homelessness, citizen involvement in the governmental process, medical care, and corruption. These young people sought information to apply to their world perspective and perhaps solutions for their future.

This opportunity further strengthens my belief that the sustainability of our world is dependent upon our ability to build relationships and strengthen the community ties that bound us globally.

Thank you Dean Rattanasak and Professor Jongruck for allowing me to talk to your class. These guys were great!




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