One trip with thousand experience

My name is Aprianto. I am working in Wasur national Park, Merauke, Papua, Indonesia.
Selected to join YSEALI FALL 2018 is an honour for myself. I knew this program highly competitive among young professional and I should scrambling with thousand applicants to get new opportunity to fly to the US to join YSEALI in environmental sustainability. Despite, I am lucky or not but I believe that they choose me to join this activity based strict assessment. Come to the USA is one of my dreams. Now that dream come true and I will fly to the USA on October 9, 2018. I will stay in Washington DC for couple days and the rest of the five weeks in the United States I will spend in Charles County, Le Plata, Maryland for environmental sustainability learning. In previous skype call Charles County, we had been talking about some topic related to my activity that I will do in Maryland. In addition, I will take the long flight to Washington throughout Japan. This is the long flight that ever I Had before. Although flight from Merauke to other part in Indonesia take more than 2 hour by flight. Heading to the USA, I will around half of the world and almost 24 hours flight. Besides the long flight, I hope with this opportunity I can make wide connection to build my carrier in future. Also, I can share knowledge in order to manage conservation in Indonesia with other participant and my host county. I realize that work with the environment and indigenous people inside protected areas. New ideas to work and collaborate in this issues is urgent. I believe environment can live longer without human but we can live in damaged environment. Finally, I am very enthusiastic to immediately for joining with other participants from various parts of the world.

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