Ready for take-off

In approximately 15 hours (according to Brunei time), I will be seated in the plane, preparing for take-off. Taking off from the ground to travel up into the sky; and taking off to enter a new chapter in my life.

My nerves have been building up as the day got closer. But I’m sure once I arrive at my final destination, excitement shall overpower the nerves. About 10 months ago, as I filled in the application form for this program, I didn’t imagine to have felt this way today.

I am very grateful to have been given this prestigious opportunity. I am very much looking forward to broadening my knowledge, to be in touch with various cultures, and to feeding my senses with new sights and scenery.

I am sure this will be challenging program, and with that I also anticipate how I will develop my skills and knowledge throughout this program, and how much will I grow as a person.

I am not sure what to expect yet once I have arrived, but I believe I am ready for this life-changing experience.


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