The new beginning with the new journey

I still remember at the first time I filled out YSEALI Professional Fellows Program application. I realized that since filling in the application was different from the other program I had filled out, and it was a special program because there are many questions, including deep details. But with the fact that I am the one who never gives up and does everything in the best way as much as I can because when it pass, I will not felt regret when I look it back. I tried to do my best to present my experience and my identity in order to make the committees understand and perceive my experience and intentions.

Also, during the time of the interview, I was on the vacation, making my time different from everyone else. I had to prepare myself from 3 am. to wait for Skype Call with the interview committees.

Every question of the committees are so intense that sometimes I do not even know that the question I have answered is good or not but  it was my feeling and what I was trying to do the most I could have done at that time.

I still remember the question of the committees that made me stop thinking about myself  “Tell me your own leadership?”

At that time, I was trying to figure out how to answer my question, not to exaggerate myself, and to see my vision of leadership. I replied to that

“In my view, good leaders must learn from mistakes and accomplishments. We can only learn from success, because if we do not know how to make mistakes, how can we recognize mistakes? Because mistakes are another lesson that leads us to success. In addition, good leaders must be open minded to listen to all the ideas and opinions of everyone, also need to have knowledge in variety fields is not the only one. I’m a person like that. I’m open minded. I like to learn new things in a variety of ways. There are also many networks of foreign friends at the leadership level who have been selected to learn together when I was studied Master degree’s because that scholarship provided for government officer who will be promote to the leader in the future.  by driving policies or developing countries. By driving policies or developing countries, it must be a collection of ideas by listening to the ideas and problems of the people to set the policy. Multifaceted knowledge Include the strength of foreign networks. It is another power that pushes our country forward and develops. These things are in me and I believe I can do it. If I was honored to be part of this project. I believe that everyone in each country is selected for this project. They will have the opportunity to lead and drive the country’s future. This will create a network that will best promote international cooperation and relationships. It is my chance to be the start of a small backlash from now on.”

From that day until today, I have broken through many obstacles, including the obligation to prepare and to come to this project, which is not easy at all.

Even though I still do not know what my path is going to be with this new beginning, how will it be … but my own will not retreat or give up. I am ready to fight with everything. Those who are coming in and promising to do the best as much as I can. I believe that “if I do it fully … I will never regret it”

Thank you for trusting me and choosing me as part of this program. I am very honored to be part of this. I promise to do my best not to be disappointed with my new journey this time.

Now, I would like to have more time to prepare myself. But I understand that everyone has 24 hours of real time offline. It depends on how we manage it.

Welcome everyone to start my new journey in this time.

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