Do you know how we interact with the word “BETTER”?

Normally when you see “better”, you brain directly start calculating the value by comparing with the cost or other alternatives. If your calculated value is beyond that, your brain then leads your decision making to accept such opportunity.

Back to the time when I knew I was selected for the YSEALI Fall 2018 Environmental Sustainability program, at that time I really happy for the chance to explore new experiences which could support me to be the better guy in a proper way. But on the other hand, I also think about the cost, both financial and non-financial, and how to minimize it. And finally I come up with the green light to join this program with tons of expectation. I’m sure all YSEALI professional friends would pass this thinking process as well. Please don’t forget our overall costs, our expectations, and also our willingness at your first day.

“To be a better me and better you is good. But getting better  together will be the best!”

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