The beginning of my YSEALI journey

Third time’s the charm – they say. It seems to be true, in my case. This is my 3rd year applying for YSEALI. Finally – I have made the cut. As I prepare for the upcoming trip, I am trying to ‘Leave Work Behind’, as per Tony and Kara’s suggestion. While my day-to-day responsibilities have been delegated, and, as I board the plane to Washington, D.C., I take on a rather (personal) challenge: to improve on things I have always wanted to; but, never did. Let’s see how this go!

I have studied sustainability in university and worked on-ground trying to implement various aspects and forms of it – mostly from the context of ethical business. 4 years in school and 4 years of working on-ground: my understanding and knowledge of practical sustainability seems to have plateaued. I am looking forward to learn from the works of YSEALI Fall 2018 fellows and from my host community – City of Middleton. I am positive that I will gain many insights from the program, and from the many interactions I will have with those that I come across.


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