Pass the love forward from Fellow Hearts to American Warm Hearts with my new beginning

My life always journey to many places. Whenever I go, I try to learn a lot of things surrounding me. Because life’s not just only for journey. but also learned from many things surrounding you even though it’s good or bad. After that it will become a lesson to teach you about the meaning of life and definitions of good things and bad things based on your experiences and your standards

Somebody said “Life like a book” If my life like a book, now my book is starting for new chapter of my life for my new journey…

I started my new beginning from 9-13 October 2018 at Washington D.C. with my new friends from South East Asia that’s why they called this Program “Young South East Asia Leadership initiative (YSEALI)”

We came here with our one goal. We would like to find the solution to make a good things happen for a better future…

Not only we are in the same world but also we have a dream together to make it come true. To save the world for our new generation.

For United States, It’s my first time for everything here. I really exited even though I had a lot of experience about traveling and watching a lot of American movies before I visited here. But I arrived here at first sight everything came in my head and my heart and throw me back to past when I was young. I’m at the real place that I’ve watched on many movie. Moreover, everything totally different from my home country and the other countries

US. is US. Everything looks unique and has their own character. I really like and enjoy here so much.

The first things I did in US. is sightseeing.

I realize like that everything are so big for me but still beautiful and unique one. I visited a lot of places I watched on the movie. I started by walk with my fellow friends from Thailand. He is so kind and nice people.

We walked together to survey around D.C. by starting from our hotel go down to US capital, Washington monument, World War II memorial, Lincoln memorial and last but not least is White House. We enjoyed so much. At that day, we walked totally around 14 km. We tried so much but we had a good time. After we finished our trip, I try to fulfill my power by restaurant I always go when I was young in my country until now. It’s Mc Donald. That’s my first time also to knew that American food definitely different from my country and so big portion too finished.

Even though it’s so big but I still love and enjoy it.

One more things I really enjoy from here is museum. Museums here are better than my country and the other countries because they provide free entrance for all people no matter what you are. That’s why American people so active and have wide perspectives. In my opinion, this is the good we should do for our citizens in our country. Because if we provide the knowledge people will improve themselves and have a knowledge to develop their country. If we need to move forward and drive the city, this is a good way to do…

We need to start from our citizens education first and go forward to do the our things for sustainable development.

National air and space museum is the most one I really like ever. Because I have a dream when I was young to be a astronaut and I like everything about air and space. It kind like this museum fulfilled my life and my dream when I was young.

For the first week, I had a chance to spend a time with ICMA for orientation and training me before send me and my friends to a lot of placements we have to visit in many states

It’s a memorable time for us and we also had a chance to dinner with Tony and Kara who’s ICMA coordinators with warm welcome. That’s also the first time, I realized that American people are so warm.

So if you something, you will happy to do something and don’t forget to pass it forward to the other one. It doesn’t mean you send the bad things, a huge money or donation everything. But I would like to say we should do the good things with love and share it to social. It kind like of thank giving them for everything they gave you and pass forward this to the other generation such as your knowledge, your best solution, your perspective and your sincere for the better future

Because of my new chapter just started and my friends also. I would like to invite you to join us for our journey together… let’s read our book life and touch our feelings with warm welcome from Americans people and what’s the best solution we have found to across the line together for a better future

#YSEALI #ICMA #ProFellows #2018 #ForABetterFutureProFellows

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