Exploring Bluegrass

When I first heard about Kentucky, the only thing I know of it is the name as the Bluegrass State, and I have no idea why it is called like that. I learn quickly when I see all those green color all around, and the bunch of horse farm. The geographical landscape is very beautiful and natural, and particularly for this fall season when leaves start to change color. 


Little by little, I came to learn more about the rich resources and legendary horse farms, historic Bourbon distilleries, as well as charm and genuine Southern hospitality. I ate special southern breakfast, Biscuits and Gravy. It was very delicious. See the hot chili sauce on the plate? I kind of shocked my American host family how Asian people like their food spicy.


We also went to see a classic movie “Mr Smith goes to Washington”. It is comedy-drama movie in 1939, and of course no surprise, it is black and white movie. It is very great movie to learn about history of America. It is coincident though since our ICMA YSEALI Fellows just shot our introduction video at the United States Capitol last Friday. 

There are many historic and tourist attractions in the state. Ale-8-1 is nice, and you should need to try Bourbon Ball. The Kentucky State Capitol is very beautiful, and as the Floral Clock. It was very nice to exchange ideas and learn from one another about differences and similarities between my country and America. I can’t wait to explore professionally about environmental sustainability in Kentucky. 


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