Keep Pearland beautiful with never ending story and a lot of good memories

“You might not feel like you can do much now, but that’s just because you are not a tree yet. You just have to give yourself some time. You’re still a seed.” – A Bug’s Life (1998)

Yes. This is one thing I always tell myself to push me up to fight and keep moving. I’m not the best one but absolutely, I will be better in the future. Because I never give up and keep moving everyday. I need to learn and absorb everything as much as I can. To be a good leader in the future.

Finally, I will be a tree.

It’s almost 2 weeks. I spent a time in Pearland 🍐 A lot of stories happened to me. Time flies so fast but I still remember my feelings about Pearland when I heard at the first time…

If you don’t have any kind of experience in US or in Texas before maybe you will think like me at the first time…

What’s Pearland? Maybe it kind like of a lot of Pear on the land … And might be have a major economic about Pear Farm?

After my first touches in Pearland everything totally different from my mind and changed all of my perspective about Pearland.

It started with warm welcome from Clay City Manager of Pearland

He came to pick me up at the airport and had warm welcome dinner with his friends and his wife. I really appreciated. It’s my first impression in Pearland. Because I never expected before city manager will come to pick me up and take a good care to me by himself. It’s a great honor for me to visited Pearland.

I also have a chance to meet Pearland Mayor. He is so kind and also gave my chance to do a special presentation. I really appreciated.

It’s a great honor for me to have a chance to visit Pearland and gave a special presentation to City Council Members at Council Chambers Pearland City Hall. I really appreciated.

I would like to Thank you Mayor Reid for gave my chance to do a special presentation.

I would like to Thank you Clay Pearson Pearland City Manager for gave me a chance and alway supporting me at the first day until now

I would like to Thank you Jon Branson for always supporting me and your warm welcome

I would to Thank you Joshua Lee for your special pictures our Picnic time at air show with warm welcome and always supporting me also

I would like to Thank you Joel Hardy III alway supporting me at the first day until now

Thank you so much for all of Pearland officer (Adrian, Yvette, Chris, Jason, Carry Capers, John, Jerry, Michelle Graham, Brandon, Cullen, Jai and all of members) to made me feel warm when I visited Pearland and gave a lot of information and data supporting me and took a good care to me and took me everywhere. I really appreciated.

It’s a memorable time for me and a great experience also. I will never forget this time. I keep it all of my life.

Best Regards

✈️🇺🇸🍐#YSEALI #ProFellows #ForABetterFutureProFellows @ Pearland City Hall

Please don’t forget me. I am the first government officer from Bangkok Metropolitan Administration at Pathumwan district office to visited Pearland city and ICMA Professional Fellow also

One more things, I’ve learned from here for more. Not only American foods are big but beef also too fatty

But not only Beef so big and Fat. Pork also big and delicious

And one more thing I can summarize it even though American foods are so big but not all of Americans people can finished it

From now on, I think you still imagine how beautiful Pearland is…

Let’s take a look from Pearland city hall pictures below…

I think you can imagine how beautiful Pearland is…

But let’s take a look for more…

The first things, I really like in Pearland and totally different from my country and city is “Fire Lane Parking”. In Pearland, they’re not only considered about quality of life but also considered about safety also. I think this is a good way to follow. They reserve their parking for fire lane only. It means that if some accidents happen, It easy to access the building by firefighters. No car can block that lane and it will be illegal also. I really like this ideas.

Moreover, I also have a chance to visit Fire station in Pearland with warm-welcome also. I really enjoyed so much

The most of important things, I realize from visiting here is…

They treated their staff (Firefighters) like their family. They have a kitchen to cook and share their foods together. They have gym for exercise. They have theater room to relax together. I think this is a good idea to make their staff closer and take care each other. It means when they work together, they could be help each other and have a beautiful mind to help their citizens when accidents happen from the bottom of their hearts. Definitely, if I compared with my city. It’s totally different even though they’re closers and have their apartment to stay together but not like in Pearland. They stayed one by one with family and separated. Don’t have any kind of places to have any activities together like this

For the other things totally different from my country and city also is…

“Traffic control”

Traffic control in Pearland is separated from Police department. It belongs with Traffic control department and control automatically by computer programming. They used their cameras to detect cars for keep the statistics of their traffic data everyday for calculating and adjustments the traffic light 🚦 time for solve the traffic congestion problems by don’t need to have staff for monitoring 24 hours and easier to adjust the time suitable for every period context. It’s a good experience here 🇺🇸🍐✈️

Let’s talk about environmental in Pearland. I think you can not imagine how beautiful open green spaces in Pearland and how many they have? Let’s see…

Let’s run for a Better Future-NAT ICMA Bangkok Fellows 2018

Serving today, Planning for Tomorrow-HGAC 2018

Planning is bringing the future into the present… so that we can do something about it now

Moreover, do something better than do nothing…

For Crawfish here, It look like the bio indicator for ecosystem. It’s totally different from my country. I never seen before. It’s a great experience for me and my first time also to see the real one and their real life. Because my country worms are bio-indicators for ecosystems and do like that

Can you imagine how delicious crawfish is? Let’s check my pictures 😆😆😆 It’s the amazing Texas snacks. I really enjoyed so much 🇺🇸🤠🍐

For Urban green spaces, they also created more activities to make people enjoyable along their walk way such as

“Edible Fruit Trail”

One of this concept, I really like is …

They said …

“Eat your own risk…

Do not eat anything to which you are allergic…

Do not eat anything that has not been identified as edible…”

It means you need to responsibility yourself before you eat and you need to know yourself

I’m not sure Edible Fruit trial idea. It will be suited for Bangkok context or not but we can adapt it for better way and I have some ideas about this project also

Moreover, Pearland has a great innovation for recycled materials

“Recycled Glasses for trail”

From above, I think you can realize it. It cannot hurt you or make yourself bleeding.

I really love this ideas. Because we can reduce our wastes and also make more useful materials for our Parks and the costs are not too much. I think this is the best one of all ideas for sustainable development in the green way.

As I mentioned before, Pearland concerned about their citizens too much…

Not only for open green spaces but they have a Park for dog. It kind like normal right? But they separated Dog Park by size of dogs. Moreover, they also have Pet waste station. It means that you have to responsibility society what your pet do. I think this is a great idea.

The other things for idea about a dog is…

I really love ❤️ this Ideas I hope this Idea will be the one of popular trends in Thai People soon. It can be solve the problems about abandon pets also

“You can’t buy love, you can adopt!!!”

Actually, the meaning of “Adopt” in Thailand. It should be take a good care of. I think it would be a good mood for it.

“We can not buy love in fact … But we can take care of someone who is ready to be with us. Be honest with us and take care of us forever…”

We may need to take care of them but they will take care of us also as well as be a good friend when we are feel lonely, protect us from the people who will hurt us, and sometimes they don’t do much just stay beside us until the last breath …

In my opinion , I think this is a good project to reduce the stray dogs problem. We should have a small community to share our lovely pets to send to people who are ready to take care of them. We have collaborated with a vet specialist to take care of the condition and forwarded to those who want to adopt or have a TV show for promoting like the other TV channel from the other countries like take the pet on the road and return it to life as a beautiful animal.

I think this issue, it may bring Thai society more gentle mind than killing each other because of jealousy today.

This concept exists in Thailand with a small group of people nowadays but we are able to bring into the big group is not too difficult … If many parties cooperate together

Let’s move forward …

One of the best quotes taught me in Pearland is…

It’s awesome!!. we can’t do anything to meet all of people need but we can be the reason to make someone smiles that what I’ve got it from…

“Melvin Knapp senior center”

Because of Bangkok nowadays is becoming ages society. Almost people want to open their business about Elderly care center. I don’t think it’s a good idea and meet our senior citizens need or not?

But what Pearland do? They created a senior center for senior community. They provide a lot of activities for them such as exercise, field trips, board games, painting, and having lunch together. I think this is a good idea to support ages society better than leave them alone, no social life or taking care them a lot. Because It may bring the cause of problems to make them cannot help themselves.

So how about Recreation center and Natatorium in Pearland?

Let’s see…

For Recreation Center, Pearland used all of areas very useful especially second floor for walking and running track. I really like this idea so much

Moreover, they also have kids room for people who have kids and would like to leave them for a while. This center also has staff and facilities to support their citizens.

It’s a memorable time for me to have a chance to visited discuss everything about Park and Recreation areas including Volunteers systems Sponsorship and many things. I would like to say thank you so much for your warm welcome and gave a lot of information and data to me. I really appreciated for a better future ✈️

For Natatorium, I would like to say I love the design of swimming pools here. Because it’s multi-purpose used and universal design. It’s good for everyone not only ordinarily people but also handicap people also and well-organized. It means that everyone no matter what you are, you can enjoy swimming 🏊‍♀️ with yourself. Moreover, they can adjust their swimming for multi-purpose also. It’s a great design. I really like it for a better future 👍🏻🇺🇸✈️🤠🍐

Water exercise is the good idea to do for older people. I really enjoyed to see it. I hope this idea should be implementing to Ages society in Thailand 🇹🇭 For a Better Future

Even though Pearland city have a lot of green spaces but it doesn’t mean they don’t have any kind of industrial areas. Because of this question, I have got the answers about their major commercials here.

Pearland has a lot of railroads but it used for commercial only. I think you cannot imagine how many bogeys in one train for their commercial. Let’s see the picture as below;

Definitely, Pearland’s main commercials are oil and gas and also medical way.

Not only for urban green spaces. I also have a chance to join health inspections here also and learned some GIS. I really appreciated.

It’s a memorable time for me to visit here. I gained a lot of experience and a lot of ideas also to bring back my city that I couldn’t say all in one day.

I also have a chance to visit HGAC and met Jeff Taebel Director Community and Environmental Planning with special class about Low Impact Development. I really enjoyed so much for the special class and real sites visited. I really appreciated

I also have a chance to visit 2 places for full-filled my dream when I was young is…


It’s exited. I really enjoyed so much because I never expected before I will have a chance to go there

Moreover, I also have a chance to join Air Shows and know the meaning of …

love in the air ” it’s excited. Totally different from my country, I enjoyed it so much

Everything here, It’s a first time for me. I have a chance to go to Air Shows by School bus. I really enjoyed it too much because I watched a lot of American movie. They have a lot of scenes about school bus and I would like to know the feeling and try some. Now, I know it.

Moreover, they taught me to know the meaning of “Kolache from Shipley”. Now I understand 😊

Last but not least I would like to share the meaning of “Keep Pearland Beautiful”

If you want to know about this meaning. Why this word is so meaningful for me. I would like to invite you to read my story about a great gentleman and great staff in Pearland.

A great story I would like to share all of my friends around the world. I really impressed so much for all of great gentleman guys who’s wearing behind green aprons. They are a big heart guys who do the right things to give back to the society under the words “Keep Pearland Beautiful”

Almost them are the members of chamber. This signal has showed that no matter what you are… you can do the right things on the right ways for society with non-profit and your big heart ❤️

Pearland 🍐did the right way

How about you? What you will do for give back your city to keep it beautiful today?

Thank you so much Pearland 🍐 Thank you so much Joel and Thank you so much Ed Thomson State Representative and all of celebrities waiters for your big heart ❤️ and a great experience and memorable time for me to join this event.

I do hope Pearland movements today will impact and give the signal to the other cities and government officers around the world. Let’s do the right things without profit to give back to your society from the bottom of your real heart ❤️

I will pray it and do hope everything will be changes in the better way “For a Better Future” Let’s starts it now ✌🏻😉✌🏻🇺🇸🤠✈️ #YSEALI #ProFellows #ForABetterFuture

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