Meet the 9th October over again

After a 24 hour flight from Indonesia, I arrived in Denver International Airport and saw some of snow (for the first time)! But this was just a stopover, my next flight was bound to Washington DC. To think about it, I left Indonesia at the 9th of October 2018 and arrived at 10 pm at 9th the October 2018 at Washington DC. Time-traveling does indeed exist!

The next morning I finally met other YSEALI Environmental Sustainability colleagues and we made an impromptu visit to a couple of museums in Washington DC. A couple of my colleagues and I chose to visit the Smithsonian aerospace museum while others visited an African American one. There are a lot of museums, but we only had one day available to roam around the city. I wish we arrived in the city a couple of days earlier instead of just a day earlier than the orientation date.

During the orientation with ICMA, we learned about the local government, elections and water boundaries between countries. Funny thing was, it reminded me of my IBT integrated writing question when they asked me about electoral colleges.


We enjoyed a stroll to the Capitol and had dinner with other fellows. The next day, we were deployed to several different states and cities and we will be exploring our community challenge for the next 4 weeks! For me, that means welcome to Tallahassee – Florida!


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