From Food Exchange to Sustainable Community Development

To be here in Norwood City, I have the chance to learn not only job-related stuff but also the cultural exchanges. One interesting thing I want to share is about the food exchange at the party. Almost attendance will support food or drink for sharing to everyone in the party. Of course, there will be plenty of food left at every party. So one thing the host must prepare is the food box to distribute to the participants.

Actually, this culture of sharing foods is very similar to Thai’s culture. It’s like a food competition that everyone will show his or her best to serve the most delicious food for their love. And while enjoying the good food, they always happy and have a good conversation. The beginning of good relationships is born within a small party and directly effect to the strength of the community.

I also have a chance to cook some Thai foods for them such as Tom Yum Kung, Thai Curry (Panang & Massamun), and Thai Fired Egg. Luckily that everyone is still healthy after the meal. Most of them cannot stand for hot Thai food but “it’s very delicious” that what they said. Thank you so much.

To be related to environmental sustainability, I really like the grinding system that installed in every dishwasher sink. All food wastes will be crashed and disposed into the sewer system. This is better than Thailand because it helps to reduce the wet waste in the system. Thanks for the huge and well-prepared sewer system and Water Treatment Factory at Deer Island. However, Thailand could develop this grinder and sewer system parallel with the consideration of the producing energy from the biogas system. This could be a chance for a sustainable community in term of zero food waste and zero energy consumption in the community as well.

Winthrop Dex and Bank Cook.jpgWinthrop Dinner Group.jpgWinthrop Dinner.jpg

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