Fallen in love with Norwood City

After attending the YSEALI orientation program for two days, I am really excited to travel to Norwood City, the host city, where I am going to start the real journey.  The daily life expectation in Norwood City has been framed in the way I live as a city boy. But I have misjudged almost everything?

The first impression was that both City Manager and Assistant City Manager welcomed me and my companion not only gave us a ride from the Boston airport to the hotel but also prepared Asian food and ingredient for cooking. This made me feel really appreciated with the warm welcome from Norwood City.

As well as the first day I moved to stay with my family host in Norwood City, O’Brien Family, they made me homesick immediately since the warmed welcoming like a family member especially from the painting of Thailand and Singapore national flag by two O’Brien juniors.


Good impression keeps coming everyday life in Norwood City. I feel the sincerity and compassion of all the staffs I have exchanged experiences and cultures with.

These things can not be occurred without a good preparation from the Norwood City team and City Manager.

This is the reason… why I have fallen in love with Norwood City.

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