Happy Halloween!

One of the great things being in the US during Fall is definitely Halloween!

Despite not being an official national holiday, Halloween is a big deal for Americans given the preparation of costumes and decoration happen weeks ahead. We had the wonderful company of our host and her family/friends, as well as 800+ kids who came trick or treating!

Being here during Halloween added another dimension to the Fellowship, in form of understanding different cultures and challenging one’s ability to keep an open mind. Choosing your disguise and costume can be a way to be silly, or to express your beliefs and values. Celebrating death and all things scary or creepy can seem weird to those who views death as a taboo or serious subject. But all of these differences are what makes us human, and the ability to immerse in something out of the norm makes one more open-minded and to understand each other better.

So, tricking or treating – happy Halloween!


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