Trick-or-Treat in Sustainability

First time in the United States, I come to learn various things I do not expect. Fall season is one of favorite time of the year which you can enjoy changing color of the tree. And when talking about Fall, Halloween cannot be left out. Clueless of the tradition, I spent my first Halloween with precious time and memory with my host family and their children. I helped them to carve pumpkin. I even wore costume to go trick-or-treating and got a bunch of candies. Each neighbor house is decorated with things and ornament of pumpkin, spider, skeleton, witch, and so on. It is indeed exciting and honestly creepy too. Horror movies are featured on television and cinemas.


Halloween is not a formal holiday, but it is one one the major celebration in the United States. It’s celebrated on October 31 each year, but this year in Frankfort City, Kentucky, it was celebrated on October 30 instead.  You may wonder why?

Due to the prediction of inclement weather for Wednesday, 31 October 2018, Office of Emergency Management (OEM) in conjunction with Police Department and the Sheriff’s Office decided to move door to door neighborhood Trick-or-Treating. It was fun to see the children dressing up in customs and knocking on the door for trick-or-treat. Even pets dress up! Some kids gave candy to the others as they liked the outfit. It was very nice to see the kids enjoying their halloween time this year. If it was celebrated today with the pour down rain, there was no fun at all.

OEM with its own app called ReadyFrankfort, can put on information/latest news, current alert, resources/tools, and allow the users to post their status in case of emergency. It is very useful app that the residents can use to learn updated information and prepare themselves. Having opportunity to discuss with the OEM is great for the knowledge I have learnt to introduce in Cambodia.



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