How do we make city sustainable?

That is the question which I have been discussing a lot and If you type it and find on Google “How do we make city sustainable” about 132.000.000 results in 0.5 seconds is given.

I went to city of Dubuque with that question and have talked to myself that: I will try my best to learn how they do with recycling, food waste, water quality, environmental education, city plan, creating the green space….

However, besides the things I have learned, what impressed me the most about the city is the people who are living here.

Why are they so impressed with me?

We were met and talked with the city Manager after arriving Dubuque one day and knew that: “Dubuque has sustainability as its #1 policy priority defined as a livable, viable, and equitable community with environmental/ecological integrity, economic prosperity and social/cultural vibrancy”.

After three weeks of meeting, learning, discussing and working with a lot of people in Dubuque, I found that: every people in City of Dubuque, who are making the contribution to the city.

I was very impressed with the statement of Paul Duster, who is Director of Community Initiatives of Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque: “We are a Dubuquer” and David Ness who is Civil Engineer of STREETS program: “We are a big family


Yeap, The most important things is community engagement and other thing is “Resident” who makes Dubuque sustainable!


If you go to the website of, you will find out the 2035 vision statement of Dubuque is “Dubuque 2035 is a sustainable and resilient city and an inclusive and equitable community. Dubuque 2035 has preserved our Masterpiece on the Mississippi, has a strong diverse economy and expanding connectivity. Our residents experience healthy living and active lifestyles; have choices of quality, livable neighborhoods; have an abundance of fun things to do; and are engaged in the community

I do believe City of Dubuque is going achieve with the vision soon!


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