The first week in Charles County

Charles county located in Southern Maryland with 460 square miles of land area and is bordered by Prince George’s County to the north; the Potomac River to the west and south; with the Wicomico River, St. Mary’s County, and a short segment of the Patuxent River to the east. This county not too far from Washington DC it just taken 45 minute. County Administrator of Charles County is Michael D. Mallinoff with Deborah E. Hall, CPA as Deputy County Administrator. Charles County is governed by a board of five County Commissioners where as Peter F. Murphy as President and vice president was Bobby Rucci. Another member is Ken Robinson, Debra M. Davis, Esq. and Amanda M. Stewart, M.Ed.20181015_170223

My first day was meet with Comite to talk about my whole activity that I will doing during my fellowship in Charles County Government. I change to get involving in one meeting. in this meeting i am interesting in use BoardDoc. BoardDocs is the easiest to use and most powerful paperless-meeting software you can find. beside use Boardoc, Public hearing streaming online and you can watch trought Charles County Government Television (CCGTV). Also, CCGTV provides photography services for county events. It free to access by public and they can asking to download another arcieve of commisoner meeting by filing request online. In addition I take Creating, Enchancing, Protecting, and Financing the Woods in Your Backyard workshop by UMD Extension Office. This worshop help property owners get more out of their land with learn how to manage land for habitat, forest products, water quality, and much more.

In CCG in place in Department of Planning and Growth Management which Steve Kaii-Ziegler as Director. I have many field site visit mostly related to park and conservation. I had been visited Charles Soil Conservation District which promotes the wise use of our natural resources through programs that encourage installation of conservation practices which protect these resources. also, assistance to landowners and farmers interested in soil conservation and agricultural conservation practices and some technical assistance. Port Tobacco River Park and Jug Bay most impresive in how they keep their park and monitoring wildlife. Port tobacco place video camera that can watch by people online trough youtube and it real time. Furthermore, in Patuxent River Park, show me how they monitoring migratory bird use radio telemetry.



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