New Journey in New World with new experience in the meaning of “Sugar Land Way”

Finally, it’s the fourth week of living in United States 🇺🇸 with my new journey.

The new journey totally different from the other times because I have to work hard to cross over a lot of obstacles in my life to be a part of this program. Furthermore, the distance of this journey far beyond the past.

All of the things surrounding me, even though I have seen since I was young in the movie, listened from my friends and many stories people told me. But the real thing is better. Everyday, it is an experience that makes me excited all the time with new experiences. I have come to endless learning. In order to develop the potential that exists in me to support my vision and change the world for a better future.

One thing I can realize that the more we travel, the more we went out to see the blue sky. We have more knowledge. We will know more about our life. Because of travel, it will make us realize that the world is not one-sided and nothing is right or wrong. We will understand our world more and more in every dimensional.

Because each trip is an endless source of knowledge. It may be the only way to open the world, adjust the attitude, value and define the meaning of your identity up.

It can be conveyed as a concept and policy for others to understand how to go along with us that the path we are going to be. Bring confidence to those who dare to be ready with us. I think this is another meaning of leadership derived from this journey.

“Because life is born only once, believe every step you take out. It will be worth it.”

If never had experience in Sugar Land before…

Can you imagine at the first time you heard this town name…

“Sugar Land… How sweet it is?”

You might say Sugar Land is the sweetest town in Texas because if you know that Sugar Land is home to the Imperial Sugar company, launched on a single sugar plantations in 1843. But now only sugar plantations are not continuous anymore in Sugar Land. Let’s take a look Sugar Land.

It already passed first week in Sugar Land. I started the new journey with Whitney Sugar Land officer who picked me up from Pearland and started my first meal in Sugar Land by her recommendation with warm-welcome. It’s a good choice. Because I never expected American foods will have rice with soup like this. It opened my world to know that not only Thai foods and Chinese foods have rice in the soup but American foods also have and good taste. I really enjoyed so much and re-order again for my dinner.

It’s called “Gumbo”. Can you imagine what the Gumbo is? and How delicious is? Let’s see the pictures as below;

For my first touched in Sugar Land, I recognized it look more commercial than Pearland even though this city located not too far from Houston like Pearland. But they have a lot of activity events to fascinated their citizens to participate and enjoy it. I could say Sugar Land is…

“The city of citizens engagement”.

It’s a good place for me to visit and find the meaning of how to make citizens engagement in the effective way and what Sugar Land does for “Sugar Land way”

Let’s explores together…

It started from Halloween Town

It’s my first time to have a chance to join Halloween Town Event in Sugarland 🎃👻✌🏻😝✌🏻✈️🇺🇸 and US also. It’s a great honor for me to have a chance to be a Judge for Halloween Costume contest. I really appreciated. One thing I can realize from this event. They have volunteer system and also people participated and interested in city event so much. Moreover, Halloween costumes no need be a ghost only but you can also do in the fancy way. I really enjoyed so much

Furthermore, they also have Halloween time in their office. It’s interesting. I never had this kind of experience before. A lot of officers wore the costume and decorations for challenging. I enjoyed so much. ✌🏻😊✌🏻

For my work day, It started from day 1 with City tour and City Hall tour

I also have a chance to visit Sugar Land Skeeter Stadium 🏟. It’s quite unique for scoreboard in Texas shape.

For day 2, they have “Citywide Open House”. It a good time for me to have a chance to learn all of departments in Sugar Land before visiting them

It’s a great honor for me to have a chance to meet Sugarland Mayor and Sugarland City Manager. I really appreciated. Moreover, It’s a great experience for me to have a chance to introduce myself and discuss with all of departments in Sugarland at Citywide Open House. I can get some ideas to continue discussion for more when I have a chance to visit them. It’s a great time for me. I hope one day BMA will have something like this. It’s a good idea 💡 to make citizens understand government officers for more for a better future ✈️🇺🇸⭐️

Moreover, they also have opossum to show at Citywide Open House. It’s a native animal 🦔. I haven’t seen the real one before. It’s so cute and docile.

For my GIS times, it’s my first time also to have a chance to observe how to take aerial pictures in 3-dimensions with drone. I really enjoyed so much.

From observation this area, I have learned something different from crawfish mounds. It’s my new experience also. We need to be careful and pay attention on it when we walk over them on open green space. Because it’s painful and the effects of the sting can be deadly to sensitive people.

It’s a Fire ants nest

Fire ants nest normally will not be visible. It is in the soil, often near moist areas, such as river banks, pond shores, watered lawns, and highway shoulders.

But from above pictures, It’s nothing cover for nesting. That’s why it is available, dome-shaped mounds are constructed. These are usually only found in open spaces, such as fields, parks, and lawns.

“One thing, I have learned from Fire Ants 🐜 It is helpful for plant 🌱

Sometimes, we cannot avoid the bad things but we just learned how to stay with them”

I also have a chance to observe Garbage Trucks at the morning time. It’s a great experience for me. I really appreciated.

One thing different from my country. Garbage Truck here operates by private company and city pay for it. The money came from citizens taxes and fees cover all of wastes. They divided by 5 parts

1.Normal Wastes excludes food wastes people have to compost them

2.Recycle ♻️ wastes excludes textiles and green wastes


4.Green wastes

5. Electronics and Bulk wastes

For 1 and 2 they have same truck was collected by automatic hand 🖐🏻

For 1 they will do it twice a week

For 2 they will do it once a week

I think it really nice 👍🏻 more convenient and faster

But for 3-5 it take by their crews who come with the truck. It’s not automatic and will do it once a month.

One thing you can realize from system here as pictures below. They put address on the side walk near their trash bin 🗑 It means you can track the trash bin easier where it located when it broke or residential don’t follow regulations. I really like it.

Furthermore, they separated their wastes as pictures below. Red bag for textiles, Green for recycled, and Gray for normal Wastes excludes food wastes etc.

One more things for recycled ♻️ they provided education by cultivating consciousness since childhood. Even though it looks normally but it’s not. The way they do very unique. I could say “Sugar Land way”. They came from different organizations and work together. Finally, I think they did it great and succeed.

They divided by 4 based 4 activities and support each other. Make everything are easygoing for children 👶 such as created Recycled Super Hero for explainable and gave the power to them. Moreover, they also have a chance to discuss with all of staff and observe the garbages truck when it run the process. I think this is a good way to do for education. I really enjoyed with them. Moreover, in the office they also separated normal wastes and recycled wastes. I think this is a really great idea. We should do first before tell the other to follow

Moreover, I also have a chance to observe Court real operation in Court room. It’s a nice experience also. I really appreciated

The best thing for Americans social life no matter what they are. They always do public hearings in a lot of cases. Give a chance to people defend and say something in their mind. Moreover, even though they are come from different organizations different departments but they try to cooperate and work together to solve the problems and have a lot of energy on their eyes to do it every days and never lost their power. I really enjoyed it too much. Because of this push me to learn more and more as much as I can. Thank you so much. I really appreciated. ✈️🇺🇸⭐️✌🏻😊✌🏻

#YSEALI #ProFellows #ForABetterFutureProFellows

For traffic control in Sugar Land

It’s a great time and good experience for me to have a chance to visit Traffic control in Sugar Land. It made me know that right here also different from Bangkok. The traffic control also separated from Police and control by city officers who collected statistic databases for calculated and adjusted traffic light 🚦 in every intersection. Moreover, they also have new technologies for detecting all of vehicles for calculations. Even though Sugar Land has a system to control Traffic lights 🚦 separate from the Police department 🚔 like Pearland but the system totally different. Both of them, they have their own systems and unique one. I really enjoyed so much to learn from all of them. ✌🏻😊✌🏻✈️🇺🇸⭐️

Sugar Land has a camera to detect car who pass the red light traffic and separated from city cameras. It belongs with police cameras. They are not sharing data together. The cameras system here is not detectable like Pearland in counting, but there is a signal in the ground to count the number of vehicles passed to the control room. The camera does not store anything. It’s for streaming in real time only.

Sugar Land is trying to develop more detection systems, such as magnetic or Bluetooth signals, to detect the passing signal, which is another interesting idea.

It also detects and stores a lot of information that will send the information back to the server that emergency what happened to the road users can recognize.

It is also reported that the time of the under construction project is a project of who, how long, which is another good way that Thailand should follow.

Traffic control is very good if we use statistical data with computer systems to calculate and adjust. It is better for the staff to coordinate and release the vehicle, or even to leave the signal unrelated to reality.

If we can have someone directly responsible for this section, our system would be a little better.

Better than leave everything to the police only. Another good idea here is that it is compatible with Big Data if we can make it happen. It is very effective

For Storm waters

They have a lot of regulations to control developers and residents to prevent storm drains affected by yard waste, trash and chemicals dumped. Because Bangkok has a problem about wastes and trash block waterways. I think this regulations are interesting to following for Bangkok context.

The other things I did here is…

🌱Tree planting volunteer🌱

It’s a great time for me to have a chance to join planting for restoring the planet 🌏

This activity, we also have in my country but not in urban areas. We don’t have enough space to do but from this kind of thing, I can get some ideas to do for my city for a better future.

“Community Garden or Farming also looks really nice for it by community engagement with volunteers system.”

Because we never know what tomorrow will bring… Let’s do it for a better future 🌱✈️🇺🇸

One more things for this activity dominated from my country. They cooperated together with non-profit organization called

“Keep Sugar Land Beautiful” and volunteers system made their activity successful and sustainable

Keep Sugar Land Beautiful is non-profit organization. They have a lot of connections and their networks to work with governments surrounding Texas such as Keep Pearland Beautiful also. So you can realize by city name

We also found some crawfish in Sugar Land. It’s really big but we also responsible for natural after that we left it back to the river.

One more things for my new experience in US is…

“Time change with new season behind one hour”

It’s quite wierd for me because I never been before for this kind of situation in my country time zone for the whole of my life. It’s very interesting. It’s opening my world 🌎 That’s why some references they called US is “New world” or “The Land of Hope, Freedom and Opportunity” but for me I would like to say “The Land of new journey with a lot of adventure stories for learning and explores to understand the world. Because everyday and everything are very exciting and valuable for me. I can’t stop learning the new things come up to me. I enjoyed it so much.

So let’s talk about my special experience in Sugar Land.

It started from…

Christina Aguilera concert at Smart Financial Center

I really enjoyed it so much. Because I never expected also. I will have a chance to see her concert in US and same time with I came Sugar Land for Professional Fellow Program. I really appreciated and excited so much.

Moreover, It beyond my dream. I have a chance to visit Sugar Land Regional Airport and Pilots Relaxed areas and VIP reception exclusives rooms. It’s a great honor for me. I really appreciated and enjoyed it so much.

One more things, I have learned from this airport. They have a great idea for their artworks decorating. They pay for local artists for coming and showing their artworks. It looks like their galleria and artists can sell their artworks. It seems like Win-Win solution and a good idea to follow.

Last but not least is…

Roller Derby

It is my first time and a great experience for me to have a chance to see and learn about Roller Derby. I really enjoyed so much. It seems like American Football 🏈 for runners 🏃 and Defenders but they have jammer and blocker. It’s really fun. One thing from this game, sports always be sports. No matter what win or lose. It never breaks their relationship. They are still friends 👭 and smile together. All of audiences also they are celebrating togetherness. It’s a good time for me. Thank you so much. I really appreciated.

No one is the best and nobody knows everything. There are many more stories we have to travel to find and discover its. When we discover and find it, even though it may not be the best path but it is better than not doing anything, because if we do not do anything, the result will not happen.

Because time never stops spinning. So whatever we can do let’s do it and learning together with the everything comes up to adapt into every context.

I think this way can called Sustainable Development also, which is not to stop learning, to stop developing and not to block the way of thinking.

So let’s put all of you into “All you do,” and you’ll always “Love what you’ve done” -Anonymous

#YSEALI #ForABetterFutureProFellows #ProFellows

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