How they are dealing with their waste?

As one of the top environmental issues in my country is waste management system, I have been emphasizing the solid waste and waste water management system in my host community, Saginaw during the program period. I have seen that solid wastes from residential areas are collected and treated by a private companies through the city office with a fixed service charges, but the factories are working directly with the solid waste company for their commercial waste by themselves. I had a tour at a land fill that is managing trash from construction.

In order to treat the waste water , there is a huge waste water treatment plant called “Village Creek Water Reclamation Facility” which is processing 166 million gallons of wastewater from residential areas and also from commercial areas each day. It is the biggest waste water treatment plant I have ever seen.

Every factories and mills have their waste water pretreatment system to be able to meet the water polluted guideline level before discharging into the main pipe line of the  waste water treatment plant. I also had toured to the factories and mills to see their pretreatment systems.

I have learned that every commercial business should be a responsible business with their waste. They need to consider to spend a reasonable amount of budget for their waste. On the other hand Government also needs to do technical supporting and monitoring. A good public private partnership is one of the most important key in trying to have a good environmental governance.

Myat Thandar Oo

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